about imgQ. Is a deposit required to start work?

A. Yes, a deposit is required. The deposit consists of one third of the quoted price and the cost of the materials required.


Q. Do you give a warranty on your work?

A. Yes, we will warranty any of our work for a reasonable amount of time post completion with the exception of damage not related to our work.


Q. Can you provide references of past work?

A. We have a long track record of successful work and are glad to provide references. Simply request references and we will be glad to provide them.


Q. Are paint and supplies included in your pricing/rates?

A. Yes, we always include the cost for required paint and supplies in our quotes so that you are aware of the total cost from the start. 


Q. What is your hourly rate?

A. Our hourly rate for "cost and charge" jobs is $45 per hour per person/painter. 


Q. Do you charge for estimates and quotes?

A. No, we never charge for estimates and quotes.




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